Friday, September 18, 2009

Text Sex?

I despise talking on the phone. I sound like a 5 year old, I’m bad at making conversation, and to be quite honest just find the whole ordeal of telephone conversations to be awkward. Then cell phones come out. And the text message right along with it. And suddenly phone-phobes like me have a way around it! The TEXT, you heavenly function you. No longer must we make awkward conversation with people we don’t want to talk to! The phone rings, you leave a voicemail. I text you back. We text. Happy ending for all. Same goes for sex.

Wait. Sex? Text Sex?

Yup, it’s true, Text Sex. Sext. what ever you wish to call it is apparently taking over the world. While talking to BikerBoy last night, he informs me that he is “hard as a rock while thinking of doing me.” Am I the only one who finds it completely strange? That you are typing these messages of hot steamy moments you desire, sending them out, over wavelengths or however text messages travel, only to be recieved in the phone of (hopefully) the one you are desiring, hoping that they are alone?

Is that considered sexy?

And more importantly, is sext a downgrade or an upgrade from phone sex?

Maybe i’m in the minority here, but I don’t find anything sexy about it. It doesn’t turn me on. It doesn’t make me want to run to your house and jump into your bed. In fact, it makes me feel slightly skeevy. Especially since we haven’t even met. but even then.

God willing, when Mr. Right (now or forever, i’m not picky) his idea of foreplay and/or romance will be more than a couple of raunchy text messages.


Nicole said...

Lol. It can be sexy but not if you never met! then it just seems plain creeeepy! =D Happy sexting

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