Saturday, September 26, 2009

high school?

Last night, for the first time in the 5 years and however many months since I graduated high school, I missed high school. Or I felt nostalgic for it...slight difference.
My Big coaches cheerleading at her alma mater. K and I went to watch the cheerleaders since it was homecoming. All around us the high schoolers are decked out in their black and red, cheering, the cheerleaders are yelling and the band is playing.
It made me miss colorguard. Standing in the bleachers yelling "GO WEST GO." Spinning my rifle out on the field and hearing the drummers start cadence. Getting to the school at 8 am on saturday mornings to get our hair braided. It made me miss the safety of high school, of knowing where you stood and who you were...or who you thought you were.

I've never had these pangs of nostalgia for HHW before. At graduation, all my friends and classmates crying and all I could think about was how much longer. Even when I first started college, I had already put high school behind me. I'm used to missing college - high school not so much. Not that I despised high school (the way I hated middle school). I actually enjoyed most of high school, especially my senior year, but i didn't have that love for it that most people have. I was always looking forward to college, I always knew the best was yet to come.


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