Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are there few things...

that a day with your best friends can't fix? Is there anything a day with your friends can't fix? B, K and I spent the whole day watching movies. And we went to the castle park (a huge playground with old-fashioned wooden structures), stalked out our sorority sisters on campus and went out for sushi.
I felt so much better in so many ways. I wasn't stressing out about money issues, or family issues (even though a few more did in fact pop up today) or the daunting job hunt. I just enjoyed spending time with two of my favorite people.

My cousin Ar asked me if they were my best friends now instead of B. And I really thought about it. Are they? It's true, when I'm in crisis I turn to them first. They're the people i hang out with most, and i talked to each of them daily. Have they replaced B as my best friend?
I guess on the surface that's what it seems like, but the truth is it's really more complicated than that. When you're a child, it's black and white, you have your best friend, you have your other friends. As an adult, it's gets more complicated. I have my best friend since high school, I have my best friends from college, and they are important to me in different ways.

The lambdas...We've changed a lot in the 3 years the 5 of us have been friends. Our friendship has changed a lot, but the core of it is still there. We've been to Hell and back together, and I can't really think of anyone who I have ever been more comfortable around. We're completely honest with each other, to the point of brutality sometimes. We laugh way too loud and always seem to cause a bit of trouble where ever we go...but that's what makes us, us.


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