Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Plan

The best way I know to change something you despise about yourself is to just do it. Now unfortunately, my many qualms with my body and looks won’t go away over night, and that is what I consider to be the source of much of my unhappiness.

You see, my senior year of college, I decided I was sick of being the “fat one.” So I decided to lose weight and I did, 65 pounds in 9 months. I dropped multiple sizes, and though the curves I desire didn’t show up, I was content with how I looked semi-naked.

And then I moved home.

And I gained back the whole 65 that I lost…And I am as miserable as ever.

So i’ve decided it’s time to say good bye to the pudge for good. (hopefully.)

Before I turn 24, I WILL relose the 65 I’ve regained PLUS another 20.

all leading me to the ultimate goal of finding The One and losing my virginity.

although it doesn’t necessarily have to be in that order.

Just saying.


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