Thursday, September 24, 2009

Misc. ramblings

Glee may quite possibly upstage Gilmore Girls as my favorite show. Why didn't any of my high school teachers look like Shuseter? (and for that matter, why didn't our football players look like Fin?)
It's a tough call between The Beautiful Life (can we say BEN HOLLINGSWORTH) and Glee...but in the end, Glee won out because it's got more than eye candy.

Does anyone know anything about Kitty separation anxiety? Becuase I think Matilda definitely jumps in the shower with me, snuggles while im in the bathroom and generally won't leave me alone.

It's recruitment time at York College, and seeing everyone's "I LOVE PHI SIG" posts has been depressing me. just a bit. This is the second year i haven't been there for it all, but the daily messages from my grandlittle keep me enough in the loop to still miss it. Although, after this year, pretty much everyone who was there with me will be gone. But it makes no matter.
I still miss it.


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