Saturday, October 31, 2009

The hardest thing I'll ever have to do

Addiction runs in my family.

I grew up knowing my father and his brothers were alcoholics. When I was 12, i found out that my father was also a heroine addict. I'm proud to say he's been clean and sober for 7 years.
My mother has an alcohol problem - i don't know if i'd say addiction yet, but it's heading that way.

It runs in my family. I've known this. It's something that i find myself battling against every day - I try not to drink often, because I don't want to develop that addiction.

I've never so much as tried smoking pot. I try not to gamble either. It's how I try and minimize my chances.

We've known for a while that my little brother has a drinking problem. He's only young to have something that lasts for your entire life.

Tonight was the final straw. He got a friend to by liquor for him - drank the entire thing. He had gotten into a fight with his sometimes girlfriend earlier in the night. He ran out of the door and down the road. We live off of 2 highways and several fairly busy roads. I got in my car and went to look for him. My sister - who is pregnant - got in her car and went the other way.

It's mischief night. the cops are out in full force. And he's stumbling running down the street, punching anything that got in his way.
Finally, he falls and passes out on the road. On one of the main streets in our town.
Fortunately, someone stopped and helped us get him into the car. He woke up and started banging his head against the door.
I've never felt so helpless in my entire life.
He asked to get checked into rehab. He started crying, telling us he's been doing coke. He wants to die. He yells that his mother abandoned him. His father hates him.

meanwhile, my heart is breaking.
he's sleeping on the couch beside me right now.
tomorrow, we will take him to a teen rehab center about an hour away.
it will be the hardest thing i've ever had to do.

mikey, i wish i knew how to help you. i wish i could take this pain for you. i'm your big sis, it's what i'm supposed to do. but i can't. i don't have the right skills to help you. i can't make you listen to me like when we were little. i can't change this.
so tomorrow, when you are angry and upset, know that me and becca are doing this because we love you. because we can't stand to see you continue on this path. because we don't know what else to do. because we want you to live up to all the potential you have inside of you. you are a good person - you're just a little lost right now.
and it's ok. we all stumble sometimes. but the most important thing is that we have to pick ourselves up, even if that means accepting help from others. even if it means doing something hard. i promise, we will make it better.
even if it means putting your faith into someone or something else.
i love you little brother. even when you are having trouble.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Milk and Cookies

Dear Gia,

I woke up thinking about you today. It's not your birthday, it's not the day you died. It's just another day. But you were on my mind this morning. Although, you are never far from it.

Can you believe in June, you will have been gone for 5 long years? I look back and try to see where those 5 years have gone, but I can't. I remember when it was one month, and 6 months, and how terrible it still felt one year later. It still feels terrible, but I no longer trick myself into believing you are alive.

Except at Christmas. When Aunt Sharon comes through the door at Christmas, I still half believe that you will be right behind her. I wonder if that will change this year.

It's hard to believe that you would be 25 if you were still here - do you get older, where you are? Or are you still 21, younger than me now...the same age your sister is? That was tough for Aunt Sharon and Aunt Bunny - that exactly a month from now, your little sister will be older than you ever lived to be. I know it's on their mind, because when that day happened -the day I was older than you had lived to be, Aunt Bunny called me. She told me I was officially the oldest.

I'd rather still be the second oldest.

I wonder if Aunt Bunny still counts your death in days. I know Aunt Sharon doesn't, but last Christmas - Christmas is always hard - when someone spoke your name (you see, we still talk about you. We remember.) - a memory about something impish you did when we were little, and it was just the 2 of us - she said "it's been 1,298 days since my grandbaby left us. how many more until we see her again?"

I wish we had an answer for her.

We still miss you. Becky is having a baby, but I'm sure you already knew that. He or She will be the first person born in our family since you died - another milestone. DJ was only a baby when you died, and now he is in preschool, and like you, a little mischievous imp. But Carlin-Rose or Michael will not know you at all. There will be no pictures of him or her with you, there will be nothing to tell them "Your Auntie Gia once tickled you until you cried." about you - because the two of you will not have existed in the same world.

I remember on that terrible day, June 2, 2005 - a day that is forever burned into my heart - that I thought the world would stop. That time would never move forward and that it was just a matter of time until we all woke up from this terrible nightmare.

But the world started moving again, way too soon. And time proceeded on.

And worst of all, it's wasn't a nightmare that could be stopped.

almost 4 and a half years later, the tears don't come as often. the memories don't always bring a tear and hearing your name can bring a smile.

But hearing Baby Got Back or riding a roller coaster brings me back. Eating a cookie dunked in milk, seeing Jello commercials, the water pistol games on the boardwalks - they all bring you to mind.

And seeing a little girl who wants nothing more than to be like the big cousin she adores always stops me in my tracks. And it brings me back to our childhood and sometimes it feels so real that it's hard to believe it all happened so long ago.

But the reality always comes back too quickly.

You are gone, and I am still here.

I love you. And I miss you. Always.

A comma in the sentence of life.

I had the (dis?)pleasure of finding a fairly old journal of mine - starting a little over 2 years ago and ending up on Christmas 2008. It's one of 2 surviving journals I have - one I gave to my sister a few years ago because she asked for it.
I've been keeping journals since I was 6 - and had about 12 of them from the past 17 years. I used to look through them from time to time, but sadly they, along with most of my childhood possessions, were lost in the Great Move of 07 that No One Told Me About. I know it's been over 2 years, but it's something I still can't get over. They contained 17 years worth of feelings, thoughts and memories that I can never get back.

But this one journal that I do have - because it was with me (at college) when the GM07NOTMA took place - made me really think.

And realize that in my personal notebook, I am very whiny, mopey and all the things I don't let myself be on my blog.
usually. most days.

but there are some universal truths there that i can't ignore.
the number one being (and this has been a reoccuring theme throughout my teenage-present day journals) my less than lack-luster romantic life.
and I can't help but think that maybe on 12/21/08, after getting rejected in a very hurtful way, that I was onto something.

"I really thought things had changed this time...i stopped saying negative things about myself...even more, I stopped thinking them. I let myself be happy and not worried constantly about getting rejected. But of course, The Pattern had to show itself again.
It always starts the same. We go on a few dates, we talk, interest appears to be mutual. Then, it stops. Suddenly. For no apparent reason. He disappears, usually with some stupid explanation, or sometimes he just vanishes. And I never hear from him again. I was a filler between relationships, a comma in the sentence of his love life. Nothing substantial. Just a divider between the good stuff. Something to fill the time.
Certainly, if the pattern has repeated itself this many times, it must be me and not them, right?"

It's happened to me roughly six times now. And it's always very sudden - the one I was talking about on that day...we had been dating for about a month, seeing each other every weekend, talking on the phone every night, when he kissed me goodnight one evening, left, and I never heard from him again. I sent him a text the next day, which he ignored. I thought ok, maybe his phone is broken. Sent him a facebook message, wanting to make sure he's ok. Thanks to the stalkerfeed, I know he's been online. I get nothing back. So I call him the next day and leave him a voicemail. I tell him that I don't care if he's not into me anymore, but I'd really appreciate him TELLING me and not just blowing me off.
Nothing. He literally just dropped off the face of the earth.
it's not like I was in love with him, I wasn't even sure that he had long term potential. I think I really just liked the fact that a guy was interested in ME for once, and not using me to a) get to my friends or b) not be alone. But either way, it still hurt. Sometimes those are the blows that hurt the most.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Smiles

1) spending time with your favorite preschooler
2) beautiful fall weather
3) books
4) The Yankees beating the Angels (as of right now)
5) Guacamole with sour cream.

Friday, October 23, 2009

An impossible battle.

I don't really know whether I believe in fate or not, because I think free will plays a part, but lately I've come to believe that if you do have a particular fate, that no matter how hard you try to fight it, you will get there.*

I decided around the end of May that I was going to move away, to be closer to my friends.** Two weeks later, my little sister finds out she is pregnant.
Can't leave now, can i? So I grudgingly change my plans and decide I can't move away.
Around the end of June, I decide I want to go to graduate school. The program I want is at Towson, 3 hours away. If I get in, I'm going.
The end of July, they are still missing pieces of my paperwork. Nothing on my part, but my transcripts, my GRE scores, all that fun stuff. The woman in admissions tells me not to worry, I can start the semester up to a week into the semester and from what I tell her, she says I won't have a problem getting in.
The day the semester starts, the rest of my paperwork shows up, but that's what's known as the "dead period." They won't start looking at transcripts again until October. But I've already put in 2 weeks at my job, so I decide I will move anyway.
I've never had a problem finding a job before, I usually get the first job I interview for, so I don't anticipate a problem, despite my family's misgivings about me moving with out a job. There are plenty of jobs down there, my friend B got offered 3 jobs in a week. I'll be fine.
Except I'm not. I'm hardly getting interviews. And when I do, that's the last I hear. From multiple employers.
Come home for a weekend to visit, since my sister has a dr. appointment.

And I get offered 3 jobs without applying for a single one.
A family from my old preschool class wants me to come nanny for them.
While at the bookstore, I help a woman pick out some books for her classroom - she is opening a daycare and thinks I would be great from the preschool.
A manager at the bookstore overhears me helping this woman, and asks me if I would be interested in a job in the children's book department.

Sound like fate, much? I guess there is a reason I need to be in NJ for now, as much as it upsets me.

*I've been writing a novel that's narrated by fate, so I suppose that could also be why the topic is on my mind.
**It sounds stupid, but I don't have any friends at home. I don't talk to my high school friends and I despise pretty much everyone else that lives in my area. They're all going no where in life and refuse to see anything that doesn't happen within a 1 mile radius. I doubt most of them have ever heard of Barack Obama, and if they have, i would bet with almost 100% certainty that they don't know who they vice president is.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

between a rock....and another rock. with a third rock zoning in right

I'm not a spontaneous person. I usually think every little action out. I play everything safe.

For once, I decided not to. As I said before, I applied to grad school, quit my job (thinking I would start for the Fall semester), signed a lease to an apartment, found out I COULDNT start grad school, and then moved anyway.
Between savings and my dad, i've done alright for the past 6 weeks. But no job has turned up. Plenty of interviews....but no job. Lots of "I'm sorry, buts..." but no "Congratulations, we'd like to.."

I don't know why. I graduated Cum Laude. I have a diverse and well-suited background for every job I've applied for. I volunteer, I've held leadership positions, and for the preschool jobs I have a kick-ass portfolio of lesson plans, bulletin boards and projects.

But nothing.
Basically, I jumped with out a net and hoped it would appear.
It hasn't. And my freefall to Earth will soon probably end with a splat.

I absolutely DO NOT want to move back to New Jersey. I love my family - but all of my friends are down in Southern PA. I absolutely despise everyone my age in this area...I love being near my 3/4 of my closest friends. Despite the whole not having a job and living basically on the brink of poverty, I'm 09327502375x happier than I was in NJ.
I moved back for a year after college, and I honestly think I cried every day, I hated my life so much. I was completely miserable. I think you can count the number of times I went out at night for the entire year on one hand.
But my dad can't really help me anymore, since his company is on the brink of going bankrupt and my stepmom got laid off 3 months ago.

So what's a girl to do? Do the logical thing and move back home, or stick it out where I am? One thing's for sure, I have seldom few days to make up my mind.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bedtime stories, fairies and other such nonsense.

Do you ever wish life was like a Bed Time story? The whole thing, laid out before you, beginning, middle, and most importantly a Happy Ending. An obviously evil villain, a knight in shining armor to save the day, and The All Live Happily Ever After. The End.

But life is not a bed time story - you never know how its going to end, and sometimes the ending isn't happy. In fact, sometimes, it's just downright miserable. And sometimes the villain isn't obvious. Sometimes, you are the villain in your own life. And the knight in shining armor doesn't always appear in the nick of time. Sometimes, he doesn't appear at all. Or maybe it's really someone else, just posing as your knight.

But then, maybe the best thing about life is that it's not a bedtime story. Would it be any fun at all if you knew how it was going to end? Even if it IS a happy ending.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Smiles

1) Good smelling shower gel
2) Rereading a beloved book from your childhood
3) Seeing your favorite preschool student
4) Hearing that her parents much prefer you as her teacher over her new "better" teachers (according to the school)
5) Family.
6) A niece who is going to be named after you. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A brief but meaningful story as told by Hunter.

Hunter, being the little doll that he is, wanted to tell "scary stories" before bedtime tonight....his fiercest?

Hunter: (takes falshlight and shines it up under his face) Once upon a time there was a cousin named Girl....and she was all alone forever.
Me: ......
Hunter: Your supposed to say AHHHHHHHHHH Girl, that's the scary part.

My nine year old autistic cousin knows I'm going to be alone for my entire life. And he's right - that may in fact be the scariest story I've ever heard.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's getting hot in here.

The world is changing.

That seems almost ridiculous to type. The world is constantly changing. The plates underneath us are moving, the oceans are growing and shrinking. The trees are growing, babies are growing. The world is constantly moving, changing, growing.

And it's getting hotter too.

October 15 is Blog Action Day - where over 1000 bloggers from 140 different countries commit to blogging about a single topic - to inspire change.
This year, 2009, the topic is Climate Change.

I recognize that this is a hot topic. One that even the students in my preschool class were aware of. Last year, during Earth Day, we did a unit on taking care of our planet. And why its important.

"We need to take care of Earth because it is our home."
"If we don't take care of Earth, we won't have places to live."
"Earth is like our baby dolls. We have to share so everyone can have some."
"If the Earth gets hotter like my lunch, can we eat it?"
"We have to recycle so that we don't have to cut down more trees."
"That's why we don't waste paper."
"Is earth going to blow up like Transformers movie?"

The Earth is changing. The climate is getting warmer. Is it natural progression or are humans causing it? There's evidence that shows both.

But does it really matter what the cause is? Shouldn't we be doing everything in our power to slow it down, to save and conserve as many natural resources as possible, if only to preserve it for future generations?

If my three year olds can recognize the simplicity of it - SHARE - why can't we?
let's NOT use all the oil to power our cars so that future generations will have some.
let's NOT send the Earth into another ice age so that future generations will be able to enjoy the beautiful fall and spring weather.

And if all else fails, maybe the Earth will blow up like in the Transformers movie.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A brief but meaningful conversation with Elly.

I've babysat for this particular family for 3 years - the oldest, Elly, is almost 11. The middle girl, Anna, is 7 and the baby, Jane, is almost 3. Elly is probably the smartest child I have ever met in my entire life.
As a (relevant) example, a conversation we had during Jamie Lynn Spears' hayday went something like this.
(while watching Zoey 101)
Elly: Ms. Girl, do you know that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant?
Me: yes...
Elly: And that she is only 16?
Me: yes....
(cue Anna: stopping her homework to watch the conversation)
Elly: One of my friends from school said that was a bad choice.
Me: Well, yeah.
Elly: Well, how is it a choice?
Me: Wh-what do you mean, Ells?
Elly: How is it a choice?
Me: That's a really good question for your mom. Why don't you ask her when she comes home? Who wants ice cream?
Elly: I already asked her.
Me: And what did she say?
Elly: I'm not telling you. I want you to tell me first?
Me: Why?
Elly: To make sure you say the same thing.
(cue Janie crying)
Me: Oh, there's the baby! I better go make sure she is ok!

fast forward to last week...
Elly: Do you remember me asking you about Jamie Lynn Spears?
Me: Yes...
Elly: My mom finally told me the truth.*
Me: Well that's good...
Elly: Why didn't you tell me?
Me: because you're mom can explain it better.
Elly: I don't think so.
Me: Why?
Elly: I don't think she knows what she's talking about.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Smiles

1) Spending 2 hours in the car with one of your best friends rocking out and not caring who sees.
2) Not picking up a late night phone call from an ex.
3) Short wait lines at an amusement park
4) Knoebels and the simplicity of it all
5) Walking 2 miles with your best friends on a beautiful fall day.
6) Feeling loved.

Friday, October 9, 2009


A weekend away at Knobels = exactly what i need to take my mind off of my current stresses.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I talk about family, I could go in so many directions - my friends, who are like my family, my father's side of the family (who could be compared to My Cousin Vinny), actually, I could probably go on for a while about my father. Or, I could talk about my mother's family.

Growing up in my family was almost like growing up in a commune. . In my family there's no "second" cousins, or "great" aunts, (just GREAT aunts).... there's barely a distinction between cousins and siblings, or parents and aunts/uncles. There certainly isn't any difference between full siblings, half siblings and step siblings.

We pretty much had free run between our homes, weekends were definitely spent at Aunt Judy's, or Aunt Mimi's, never at home. Sometimes even weeknights were spent there. And believe me, if you acted up at Aunt Lisa's, you got in just as much trouble with her as you would have with your mom, if not more.

I'm the oldest by 2 years, and the only one who doesn't have a cousin my age. If you ask my brother Mikey who his best friend is, he will tell you my cousin Joe. Bex will tell you that her best friend is our cousin Ange. My brother AJ- his best friends are our cousins Ar and Kev.

It wasn't until I went away to college that I realized that my family is not the norm. Not everyone had Aunts, Uncles and Cousins within grabbing distance. Until I went to college, I never found anything odd about this situation. My college friends didn't and still don’t understand why it is that I am just as attached to my extended family as I am to the family I live with. Even when people ask me to talk about my immediate family, I still can’t help but talk about my aunts, grandmothers and cousins.

I was the first person in my family to graduate high school with out first dropping out, let alone go to college. My graduation, which in any family is a big deal, was a BIG DEAL in my family. Fortunately, Spring graduation doesn't require tickets and anyone can go. I remember marching out, Pomp and Circumstance playing, people all around clapping and cheering for their grads as they walk by.

I look over, and there is my family. Cheering. Mom, Dad, Suzanne, Mommom, Nana, Aunt Judy, Uncle Joe, Bex, AJ, Chris, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Mimi - Ar, Christian, Nellie, Uncle Bo, Angela, Ryan, Mikey. 28 people in all - there to watch me graduate and cheer me on. And that was just the family who was old enough - the youngest of my cousins were at home with the rest of my uncles. My friends laughed and called it "The Girl Fan Club." They were curious as to why my "whole family" was there.

I laughed and explained that it wasn't anywhere near my whole family. And then I explained the universal truth about them - they are just as much a part of my as my mother and sister are, they have done just as much to shape the adult I am becoming, have become. I can't even fathom who I would be without them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friendship Part Deux: Bonding

I though my friendship with Missy was strong. She was my best friend throughout late elementary school right on until the end of my first semester of college. We only went to school together for half of one of those 9.5 years. We thought our friendship could survive anything. In the end, the circumstances that pulled us a part were so benign that now, 4 years later, neither of us remembers what happened - only the hurt.

It's safe to say that I was pretty much Missy's only friend, and while I had other friends, there were none that I trusted to the extent that I trusted her. She was a bit on the weird side, unashamed of who she was whereas I was trying to find my place and not really sure who I was or what I wanted. Ultimately, we did not have as much of a bond as we thought. Once we both had other close confidants in our lives (her bf for her, B for me) our friendship fell apart in a matter of months.

Then there's B - she's been my best friend since our senior year of high school. Specifically, since 11/26/03. It was the first time we hung out. My friend Elly and I had tickets to see John Mayer in Baltimore, a 3 hour drive away. Our friend Maggie was supposed to come with us, but backed out the morning of the concert. When I got to Elly's house after school, she told me. We didn't want to waste a ticket, and suddenly I had an idea. B was in my French class, and we'd exchanged numbers that morning for a project. I knew she was a big John Mayer fan and had been jealous of us going to the concert. I decided what the hell and called her to ask her if she wanted to come along with us.
We're been best friends ever since. Bonding over Come Back to Bed and Your Body is a Wonderland will do that to somebody.

I met Jule the second day of my freshman year of college - she lived downstairs and came to a "Get To Know You" party we had in K's room (where most of our significant freshman year memories take place.) It wouldn't be until the next semester that we became friends. We had French class together, and as a freshman, there is nothing worse than having a class where you don't know anyone. Jule sat down in the seat next to me, and we said hello to each other. I asked her if she lived in my dorm, and we've been friends ever since.
We have one of those friendships that is extremely annoying - our brains operate on the same wave length. One can say the craziest thing and the other will still know exactly what she means. We finish each other's sentences and live in our own little world. The only person who comes close to our mental planet is Ash. She usually runs the translations for others in the room. We were known to multiple people as "GirlandJulie" - one word. Our French teacher, who we had for a total of 3 consecutive semesters, didn't know one of us if the other wasn't there.
We're not as close now, but it's something we're working on. She is one of the few people that I know will always be there - we can go months with out talking, but once we can get the other on the phone, it is exactly like it used to be. It's like no time has passed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Event - On Friendship

PurpleGypsy is holding a blog event on life evaluations, and today's topic is friendship.

Friendship is a constant theme on my blog. It's something I talk about on a fairly regular basis.

That being said, I've had multiple people that I've referred to as my "best friend" over the years. My Best friend forBFF. We can go back to preschool - Tara, or even early elementary school - Ari.

Then there were the groups of friends - the FGS (fourth grade sensations - gotta love Judy Blume or upper elementary, the Llamas of middle/high school. The Fab4 of senior year.

It must be a girl thing to name your group of friends. One group, however, seems to be a constant.

I'm a pretty shy person, normally. It takes me a while to warm up to a situation, to be comfortable and let my real self show.

In the Fall of 2006, my best friend and roommate, K, wanted to pledge a sorority. I had no interest, but agreed to go with her as moral support. What I found was my 4 best friends.

I made many close friends in the sorority, and have quite a few outside. But none of them have been like my pledge sisters. We have a bond that I don't have with any other friends. This time, 3 years ago, we were getting to know each other. Who knew the bonds that would form between us at the time. We're all extremely different - the Nerd, the Slut, the Drama Queen, the Prissy Bitch, the Ghetto Girl - on the outside there is nothing that links us together. In fact, there are probably more differences than similarities.

The only thing that I can think of is that these girls have seen me fall apart. They've seen me a crying mess on the floor, they've seen me euphorically happy and laughing, they've seen facets of me I don't realize exist, and everything in between.

They're the people I run to when I’m having a bad day, when I need help, when I have a funny story to share. They're the girls who, at our formal, yelled at my date for being a jerk. The girls who when my car broke down on the PA turnpike at two a.m. drove the hour and 45 minutes to pick me up, no questions asked. The girls who picked me up when my heart got broken, and put the pieces back together. I can say a million things about them, how they’ve helped me, what I’ve done for them, and I still wouldn’t be giving it justice. I’ve often heard it said that college is when you meet the people you don’t know how you ever lived with out. And I have yet to find any truer words.

Monday, October 5, 2009

13) Reconnect with an old Friend

Although, it wasn't my doing at's one of those things that just kind of happened.

Ari was my childhood best friend. We met when I was 6 and she was 7. We lived down the street from each other - her family moved in about a week before mine did.
I still remember the day we met. It was June, right before school ended. But it was cloudy and I had on pants with a tanktop. I was riding my bike, as far away from my house as I was allowed to go. I had just learned how to ride a two wheeler and was so proud of myself. Ari was riding her bike in the street in front of her house, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. I stopped and watched her as she rode with no hands. This girl, in my 6 year old mind, was so cool. She noticed me watching her and rode over to me, pulled up right along side of me so that our front wheels were touching.
"I'm Ari." she said. "I live in that house. I'm in second grade. Who are you?"
"I'm Girl," I said. "I live down there. I'm in first grade. I'm not allowed to ride my bike in the street."
And so began our friendship. Over the 2.5 years that we shared a neighborhood, we had many infamous schemes and ideas. Among the most famous was our idea to have a neighborhood cheerleading squad and a neighborhood band. We wouldn't play the instruments, just direct the band. Neither one of us could play any instruments.
And then, my mom and stepdad got a divorce and my mother whisked me, my sister and brother away in the middle of the night.
A few days later, she came back to get our belongings from the house. Ari came running down the street when she saw my mother's car. She handed her a piece of paper with her address and phone number on it.
We wrote 1 letter a week, each, for 4 years, until about midway through middle school. We sent emails after that, but at some point in high school, we just lost touch.
This morning, when I logged onto my facebook, there was a friend request from Ari.

I still have every single letter she wrote to me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Smiles

1) Seeing your "original" roomie unexpectedly
2) chick-fil-a
3) cupcakes with blue icing.
4) a clean bathroom
5) reclaiming a piece of your college years.
6) sitting around a table at the bar laughing
7) laughing at how old you have suddenly gotten.
8) Will and Grace reruns

Book 2 and 3. Movie numero 2

Read The Book Thief by Mark Zusak. AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. The Holocaust/WWII is one of my favorite historical periods to research. There's just so much there, and you always learn something new about it, even if you've been studying it for years. (Not that I wish for that devasation to occur, but there is nothing can be done to change it now, so might as well research the hell out of it.)
Also read Fishbowl by Sarah Mlynowski. Made me laugh hysterically.

Movie: watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno. weird, by hysterical.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The first weekend of October... YCP, this undoubtedly means ALUMNI WEEKEND. the one weekend each semester where 90% of recent (read:within the past 4 years) come back to relive their college years with the friends who have yet to graduate.

I'm excited beyond belief to see my friends - some of them, I haven't seen since graduation.
There are few things more bittersweet then getting to relive a piece of the best 4 years of your life. I plan to enjoy the sweet part a lot more than the bitter this weekend.