Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Event - On Friendship

PurpleGypsy is holding a blog event on life evaluations, and today's topic is friendship.

Friendship is a constant theme on my blog. It's something I talk about on a fairly regular basis.

That being said, I've had multiple people that I've referred to as my "best friend" over the years. My Best friend forBFF. We can go back to preschool - Tara, or even early elementary school - Ari.

Then there were the groups of friends - the FGS (fourth grade sensations - gotta love Judy Blume or upper elementary, the Llamas of middle/high school. The Fab4 of senior year.

It must be a girl thing to name your group of friends. One group, however, seems to be a constant.

I'm a pretty shy person, normally. It takes me a while to warm up to a situation, to be comfortable and let my real self show.

In the Fall of 2006, my best friend and roommate, K, wanted to pledge a sorority. I had no interest, but agreed to go with her as moral support. What I found was my 4 best friends.

I made many close friends in the sorority, and have quite a few outside. But none of them have been like my pledge sisters. We have a bond that I don't have with any other friends. This time, 3 years ago, we were getting to know each other. Who knew the bonds that would form between us at the time. We're all extremely different - the Nerd, the Slut, the Drama Queen, the Prissy Bitch, the Ghetto Girl - on the outside there is nothing that links us together. In fact, there are probably more differences than similarities.

The only thing that I can think of is that these girls have seen me fall apart. They've seen me a crying mess on the floor, they've seen me euphorically happy and laughing, they've seen facets of me I don't realize exist, and everything in between.

They're the people I run to when I’m having a bad day, when I need help, when I have a funny story to share. They're the girls who, at our formal, yelled at my date for being a jerk. The girls who when my car broke down on the PA turnpike at two a.m. drove the hour and 45 minutes to pick me up, no questions asked. The girls who picked me up when my heart got broken, and put the pieces back together. I can say a million things about them, how they’ve helped me, what I’ve done for them, and I still wouldn’t be giving it justice. I’ve often heard it said that college is when you meet the people you don’t know how you ever lived with out. And I have yet to find any truer words.


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