Friday, November 6, 2009

Aussie land? Mais, je suis.

I envy him. In Hunter's world, everything happens the way he wants it to, and if it doesn't, he moves on.
He wants to go to Australia? He's going to Australia. He realizes it costs money? No big deal, he's going to play his harmonica for money and then go.
Dad won't let him out of the house to play his harmonica? No problem. He goes on youtube and it's all better.
He is self-content, not relying on others for his happiness. He could go days with out communicating with anyone, and it wouldn't make a difference to him, not at all.
Disappointment doesn't last long in Hunter's world. Neither does sadness. He's mostly a little ball of happiness and energy.
Yes, I envy him.

But then I think about to other side of it..he can't tell you how others are feeling. he doesn't feel empathy. He doesn't feel guilt. His emotions can be categorized as either "happy" or "momentarily sad." He doesn't have words for anything else he feels. Mostly, it's happiness.

He lives in the moment. He isn't thinking about the future, he isn't thinking about something that happened 2 years ago. He's thinking about now.

I envy him sometimes, I really do.


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